Oh Yes! I do remember Maid-Rites. Try Debbie’s recipe.

Debbie's Midwestern Kitchen

Loose Meat Sandwich.

If you know what this is, you must be from the Midwest.  Here in Iowa there is nothing quite like a loose meat sandwich, or Maid-Rite, as many of us grew up calling them.  This delicious sandwich with meat messily spilling over the edges of the bun is a staple for many Iowan meals.

The Maid-Rite sandwich was popularized back in 1926 by a man named Fred Angell.  He began franchising the idea and a chain of restaurants called Maid-Rite began to spread throughout Iowa.  Today one of the few original shops remains in Marshalltown, Iowa – Taylor’s Maid-Rite.  Several new shops have emerged over the years and have been grandfathered in through the franchise, but Taylor’s is one of the originals and a favorite of many long time Maid-Rite fans.

I have vivid memories of Taylor’s in Marshalltown.  I played softball in high school and our…

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The Wall That Heals

John H. Wrisberg III listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica on display in Elgin, IL

I knew John for several years before he went to Vietnam.  

He had a lot of potential.  He wanted to make a difference.

John is remembered.

Do you remember?

Who do you remember?VietnamWall_TheWallThatHeals_20130922

You might like to check the Wall of Faces … http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/57578/JOHN-H-WRISBERG-III

Leave a remembrance for John … or someone else you remember.

If you are in the Chicago area …

Visit the Moving Wall

in Aurora, Illinois

November 7 to 11