Do You Remember Hank Williams?

Do you remember his songs?

Hank died sixty years ago as New Years day approached.  A dangerous cocktail of alcohol & drugs resulted in a massive heart attack.  He was 29 years old.  His influence lingers on …

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The BBC offers the story of Country Music and one of the great rising stars of Country Music.

It’s a shame he didn’t live longer.

Still … his influence lingers on …


For 50 Years
this has been a frequently asked question
in late November.

JFK Assassinated

Do you remember the announcement?

                        Where were you?

                                        What were you doing?

I was eight grade history class.

We were taking turns reciting the Presidential Oath of Office.

My friend had just flubbed it. He had just said,

“I will faithfully execute the president of the United States.”

I remember there was an uncomfortable moment throughout the classroom as kids tried to decide if they should laugh or keep quiet.

Before much could be said, out principal began an announcement over the loudspeaker system.

That’s when we learned that President Kennedy had been shot.

The room remained silent for some time.

John F Kennedy

Our country was changed … forever.


My thanks to the Washington Observer and National Memo for the photos.


The Rich Stop Contributing


Social Security at $110,000.


How Many More Advantages do the Wealthy Need?

This couple explains the problem clearly and does an admirable job performing as a Rap duo.

My thanks to and Brandon Weber for bringing this to our attention.

Consider signing the SCRAP THE CAP petition at

The Wall That Heals

John H. Wrisberg III listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica on display in Elgin, IL

I knew John for several years before he went to Vietnam.  

He had a lot of potential.  He wanted to make a difference.

John is remembered.

Do you remember?

Who do you remember?VietnamWall_TheWallThatHeals_20130922

You might like to check the Wall of Faces …

Leave a remembrance for John … or someone else you remember.

If you are in the Chicago area …

Visit the Moving Wall

in Aurora, Illinois

November 7 to 11



The Simplest Explanation Of Obamacare. Ever.

Regardless of your point of view, you need to understand the Affordable Care Act.



Johanna’s One of the Best!

Whenever you are in Copper Harbor and you would like give yourself a special treat, visit the Spirit of the North Wellness Center located in the heart of Copper Harbor.

Spirit Of The North Wellness in Copper Harbor Michigan

As the Spirit of the North, Johanna Davis can
relax your body and lift your spirits.

She asked a few questions.  I told her about areas of stress in my body, old injuries that tend to have chronic issues, even about sinus problems.

Her combination of Reiki and Swedish massage was very effective.

The Reiki process involved the head, chest, hip, thighs, calves, and feet.

She started with the Reiki method.  This created what felt like an energy flow … like she was drawing the pain out of my shoulders, drawing tension from my feet, calves, thighs, and torso.

It was easy to relax.  She would talk if you wanted to.

Most of my responses included an ahhhh … or a groan as I relaxed further.

Would you like heat?

Oh yah. Bring it on.

The Swedish massage ground several painful muscles into submission.

Then some quiet time to allow Johanna’s magic to sink in …

Two windows were open allowing a soft breeze.

I listened to the wind rustle branches and to birds chirp & call.

Soft music gently washed over me.

Later I had a chance to talk with her.

Johanna grew up in Copper Harbor

Her parents own and operate a local resort and shop.

She lived elsewhere for a few years.  One spot was Colorado … where she learned her profession.

She returned to Copper Harbor in 2002.

Johanna participated in the planning and building of her home / office.

Johanna’s Wellness Center is also
a beautiful cord wood home.

photo by Lesley DuTemple for the Lake Superior magazine

Cordwood Construction
Learn more about this at the magazine’s website:
— August/September edition of Lake Superior Magazine … “centerfold” article

Learn more about Cord Wood Construction at these links:

Go North
Get a Massage

Soon, I will returning to the Spirit of the North.
— I will be scheduling a session or two at Spirit of the North during my July vacation.
— That will give me a chance to apologize to Johanna for the delay in publishing this review.
— The reason for the delay began one day before I met Johanna and affected our home for the next nine months.
— I’ll write an update shortly after my next visit to the Spirit of the North.

Visit Copper Harbor …
Visit the Keweenaw Peninsula …
get Up da U.P.

And treat yourself to a special massage.

Call Spirit of the North at 906.289.4363

Additional Copper Harbor Resources:


Copper Harbor is a Four Season Destination … Johanna is the spokesperson in this video


Watch … Listen … Enjoy






Listen …

I’m Your Man & A Thousand Kisses Deep

This Soul Man Loves her …

Tell me what you think.

Do you like Leonard Cohen’s work?