Have you ever thought about pulling up roots and moving to the Tropics?   
 Escape to More Affordable Living





JohnAlaska - John Fleming & Friend

JohnAlaska - John Fleming & Friend

JohnAlaska is John Fleming … brought up in the Midwest during the 50’s and 60’s … moved around a bit … landed in Alaska … now putting some roots down in Costa Rica.               

John has been sharing stories with Boomer Review regarding his search for a lifestyle that will allow him to retire and reduce his cost of living without giving up what he enjoys.               

We hope you choose to follow John’s quest for a comfortable spot in a tropical location.               

Finding place to retire … even the possibility of retirement … inspires many of us to consider moving to someplace quite different from our worklife location.                

 We thank John for agreeing to tell us about his experiences.               


John Welcomes You

John Welcomes You

You are encouraged to leave comments.
If John’s stories and insights inspire you to a greater extent, tell Boomer Review about your thoughts on changing your life to better your situation.                

Words & Pictures are welcome.               


John has delivered some great stories … and insights
about living in a different place with a different culture. 
That phrase reminds me of a grade school Spanish language text entitled, Otras Gentes, Otros Modos … meaningOther People, Other Ways.  
In the writing John sent me, he tells about his search for an escape destination, things that surprised him when he first began to fix up his new home, observations about Ticos (local Costa Rican people) as well as American visitors and Expatriates.
We have a series of stories coming your way.
Small Town Iowa

Small Town Iowa

Jim Fleming was a very close friend when I was growing up;  John is his younger brother.  He went to school with my younger siblings, cousins and friends.  We lived in a town of 6,500 people surrounded by a sea of corn & soybeans.  You got to know most everybody in the area.  Their father, often called Daddy Flem, was well known in the community and always welcomed by my friends.

A lot of us grew up expecting to leave town as soon as we were on our own or headed for college.  Our hometown was a great place; one my wife describes as Mayberry RFD.  However, it was too small for many of us.  I would guess that John was among that group.  I look forward to learning more about his journey.


Sara ... Then & Now

My understanding is that after Iowa, he lived in California.  In the early ’80s he was enticed from there to Alaska by an alluring woman, who was also involved in politics.  The sketchy story he told me sounded very intriguing.   I hesitate to use the Deep Throat comparison, but he made it sound kinda hush-hush.  I’ve been trying to figure out whether that timing might be right for this woman to turn out to be Sara Palin.

I hope John will be in full disclosure mode when he tells the story.

  • Could he see Russia from the kitchen?
  • Did she want to build a bridge to nowhere?
  • Did she carry firearms then?

Maybe it wasn’t Sara.  Maybe it was someone more interesting.

Thirty years later … in a search for a getaway and alternative place to live, John discovered Costa Rica.      



This Could be a Costa Rica Dream Home

This Could be a Costa Rica Dream Home

We look forward to learning about John’s Quest for Escape!        


More JohnAlaska Stories:JohnAlaska - John Fleming & Friend


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