Acoustic Annoyance – First Music Video

Tower of Song


Leonard Cohen

Performance & Arrangement


Brian Jacobson

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Acoustic Annoyance

World Premiere – Tower of Song – The Primative Series

Additional Leonard Cohen Link:

Leonard Cohen Does Standup Comedy


Do You Remember Hank Williams?

Do you remember his songs?

Hank died sixty years ago as New Years day approached.  A dangerous cocktail of alcohol & drugs resulted in a massive heart attack.  He was 29 years old.  His influence lingers on …

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The BBC offers the story of Country Music and one of the great rising stars of Country Music.

It’s a shame he didn’t live longer.

Still … his influence lingers on …

For 50 Years
this has been a frequently asked question
in late November.

JFK Assassinated

Do you remember the announcement?

                        Where were you?

                                        What were you doing?

I was eight grade history class.

We were taking turns reciting the Presidential Oath of Office.

My friend had just flubbed it. He had just said,

“I will faithfully execute the president of the United States.”

I remember there was an uncomfortable moment throughout the classroom as kids tried to decide if they should laugh or keep quiet.

Before much could be said, out principal began an announcement over the loudspeaker system.

That’s when we learned that President Kennedy had been shot.

The room remained silent for some time.

John F Kennedy

Our country was changed … forever.


My thanks to the Washington Observer and National Memo for the photos.


The Wall That Heals

John H. Wrisberg III listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica on display in Elgin, IL

I knew John for several years before he went to Vietnam.  

He had a lot of potential.  He wanted to make a difference.

John is remembered.

Do you remember?

Who do you remember?VietnamWall_TheWallThatHeals_20130922

You might like to check the Wall of Faces …

Leave a remembrance for John … or someone else you remember.

If you are in the Chicago area …

Visit the Moving Wall

in Aurora, Illinois

November 7 to 11


Watch … Listen … Enjoy






Listen …

I’m Your Man & A Thousand Kisses Deep

This Soul Man Loves her …

Tell me what you think.

Do you like Leonard Cohen’s work?

Boomer Review 2011 Summary
Table of Contents

We are approaching a new year and, like many, we are reviewing what we have done and considering changes for the new year.

Boomer Review was introduced in 2010 with a plan to … be focused on stories by, about, and of interest to Boomers and those who are interested in the Baby Boom Generation.

We think we have a good start on achieving that objective.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular,
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Santa Walking the North Beach Area of Miami

If you saw Santa

While strolling about town

With a drink in his hand

And his eyes cast down

Leaning on his cane

And looking at his feet

Would you ask him for his thoughts,

Or simply be discrete?


Taking in Miami’s sun

With North Beach Flair

Soon off on a sleigh ride run

Racing through the air.

Pondering the path ahead?

Maybe what’s behind?

It might be something special

He knows we’d like to find.


We all want better times ahead

And homes that we can sell.

We’re tired of politicians

Treating us like hell.

When will corporate leadership

Give people some respect?

When will they see employees

As a special asset?


Santa can’t fix it all

More people need to help.

Good things need to happen soon

Or many more will yelp.

Some will come and Occupy

Some will just vote no.

Let’s share a little Christmas joy

Then see which ones must go.


Merry Christmas!

Here is another approach

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