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We are approaching a new year and, like many, we are reviewing what we have done and considering changes for the new year.

Boomer Review was introduced in 2010 with a plan to … be focused on stories by, about, and of interest to Boomers and those who are interested in the Baby Boom Generation.

We think we have a good start on achieving that objective.

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Santa Walking the North Beach Area of Miami

If you saw Santa

While strolling about town

With a drink in his hand

And his eyes cast down

Leaning on his cane

And looking at his feet

Would you ask him for his thoughts,

Or simply be discrete?


Taking in Miami’s sun

With North Beach Flair

Soon off on a sleigh ride run

Racing through the air.

Pondering the path ahead?

Maybe what’s behind?

It might be something special

He knows we’d like to find.


We all want better times ahead

And homes that we can sell.

We’re tired of politicians

Treating us like hell.

When will corporate leadership

Give people some respect?

When will they see employees

As a special asset?


Santa can’t fix it all

More people need to help.

Good things need to happen soon

Or many more will yelp.

Some will come and Occupy

Some will just vote no.

Let’s share a little Christmas joy

Then see which ones must go.


Merry Christmas!

Here is another approach

Ode To A Fingerwave

Where I grew up … we gave the finger to everyone … actually two fingers.

In my home town you greet everyone.

It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not.

You acknowledge them.

You welcome them.

You give them the tw0-finger wave.

The poem above came to my attention last weekend when I returned to my hometown for my uncle’s visitation and funeral services. The poet is my cousin, Paul. The man in the pickup truck is my uncle, Warren Earl “Jake” Jacobson.

Uncle Jake is a great example of how open, warm and helpful most people are when they grow up in Midwestern small towns and their parents, family, and friends are great role models for them to emulate.

Jake was an electrician. It is likely that he has worked on every home in town at one time or another. He was active in the community and was always available to help someone when they needed it.

Our poet, Paul, is Jake & Betty’s second son. In his career as an airline pilot, he has met people from all over the world as he shuttled them from one continent to another. So, he is in a good position to know how people act in different places and from different cultures. He and his family have lived in several different parts of the USA, but Fingerwavehe still exhibits his small town Midwestern roots.

If you see him driving somewhere,
he is likely to
give you the finger(s).

Where Were You In ’55?

Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

A very interesting discussion took place in 2010 at an informal reunion of our high school classmates and friends we made during those formative years.

We met 55 years ago when we were 5.

It was 1955.

We lived in the same neighborhood in a small Iowa town.

Our formal education began at Lincoln Elementary School

My family moved to South 9th Street … two blocks from the school … the summer before I started Kindergarten.  I was 2 blocks from my school, 2 blocks from by church, 3 blocks from the big store, 2 blocks from the little store, 2 blocks from my cousins.

Dozens of us lived in an area that was about a half-mile square.

Almost everything important in our lives
was within walking distance.

School, Churches, Grocery Stores, Dime Stores, Cousins, and Friends … all close to us.

Our lives would have been quite different
if we had grown up under different circumstances.

Several of us who had moved away following high school graduation started to reminisce about our early years … and speculated about how different things might have been without that beginning.

People I know who grew up in the city of Chicago and in the boroughs of New York talk about neighborhood reunions, not class reunions. To them, your specific class was only part of your roots … it was the neighborhood that was important.

My hometown may have come to the same conclusion.

In September 2011 there will be a Clear Lake All Class Reunion. Most of the All Class Reunion events are this weekend, September 17. The venue is the Surf Ballroom … well known by Rock & Roll fans as the location of the last concert given by Buddy Holly. Our hometown has the ignominious distinction of being the place where “the music died.”

The “Surf” however is still a great venue for concerts and dances, and still has a full schedule of bookings of a wide range of performers.

I remember when it happened, but I was too young to know much about Buddy Holly … and certainly too young to be allowed to go to the dance.

I was looking forward to seeing my classmates again. It sounds like the attendance might be quite good.

Unfortunately, I made the long drive home a week early in order to be with my family. We gathered to for my uncle’s funeral services.

I plan to attend next year, and look forward to seeing a larger cross-section of the people who were part of my world during my formative years.

 They’re Playin’ Our Song on YouTube

I ain’t as good I once was.  That’s the cold hard truth.

My body says, “You can’t do this , boy”, but my pride says. “Oh yes I can.”


Noon … Text to Vince:

Thanks for the racquetball match.  It felt great to play again.  Next time, you will work harder for  any wins.


7:00PM … Note to Vince:

At this point, I see the distinct possibility that you will never be faced with a challenge for a rematch and my racquet may be put on eBay or retired to light duty as a beater for laundry hanging on a clothesline.


7:00AM  … Comment to wife:

My knees hurt too much.  I can’t walk the dogs today.

I’m not as good as I once was, but, I’m as good once, as I ever was.

In this case … I don’t think so.


[Editor’s Note:  This situation occurred a couple months ago.  Essentially, I have recovered but my knees will never forget.  My racquet is seeking a new home.]



Heavy LoadI could be dead in 4 months.

If my genetics, or my general health, or my luck is too much like my father’s, I could be dead in four months.

That thought occured to me recently as I was carrying several things from a backyard project to be returned to their proper place in the garage.  I was carrying a power washer plus other tools in a box on my shoulder, and a shop vac and more tools in my other hand.  The visual image was simple … a guy carrying a lot of stuff.  I was pleased with the results of my waterproofing retreatment of our deck.  My thought was … I’ll bet Dad didn’t carry this much stuff at this age.

Again, I find myself wondering if age is a number, a condition, or a state of mind. My bet is … it’s all of the above .. and more.

Dad was an intense personality who sired and helped raise eight children.  I often describe Dad as the poster child for A-Type personalities.  He was intense …  focused … hard-working … and always right … at least he took that stand in any serious discussions with his children.  Right or Wrong … Dad is right.

After serving in the Navy during World War II, he completed his college education in 2 years at the University of Iowa. 

Dad became a bank examiner and the week I was to be born he “sat” for the CPA exams, passing all parts the first time.  Not many people do that. 

He joined a small CPA firm that merged with a larger firm, that grew to an even larger firm.  Dad guided one of his clients thru a public stock offering that was very successful.  Have you heard of Winnebago Industries?

Five days after his sixty-first birthday Dad died of a massive heart attack.

I hope my genes are more heavily influenced by my Mom’s family.  She is 88, acting younger than most people 10+ years her junior, and doing well.  When I was 8 my barber told me I was more like my mother’s father than my Dad’s family.  The issue then was … would I lose my hair?  He said “no” … he was right.

A day after writing the notes above … I must report that I don’t recover from physical challenges like I did years ago.

Extra sleep and some ibuprofen were in order for last evening. 

Thinking back … here I was … feeling good about completing a project, challenging myself physically, thinking about a blog entry.  I decided not to mow the lawn, but did work on trimming an arbor vitae my wife had reduced to half height.  Then, I went for the shower before planting myself at the computer.

We had pizza, and I slept thru most of the movie we rented.

Two days later … while walking the dogs … my knees said … take it easy, Bub.

The issue remains the same.  I don’t believe I am as old as the men my age in the two generations before me. Except when reminded by sore muscles or aching joints.  My self-image is somewhere in my mid-30s.

Where are you? Are you as old as the calendar suggests?

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I recently watched  Bill Vick’s video interview with Patty Rappa, described as a Business 2.0 Strategist, and author of a soon-to-be-released book, Millennial Boomer.

Rappa seems to be one Marketing professional that has been listening to Boomer clients  about their views regarding Social Media. 

You can read more on this topic in my Thought Patterns blog …

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