Age ‘n’ Agin’

I’m nearly drug-free … and feeling better

As you progress through the events of several decades, stuff happens.

You suffer an injury.

You get sick.

You might be depressed or in pain.

Sometimes … you fit a certain profile and now you need to take this …

Every one of those events can lead to drug usage.

Your doctor prescribes a pain killer for post-surgical recovery.How Many Pills

Another says you’ve got to take a pill for your blood pressure.

Your knees tell you that running is tough on them … so you take Vitamin I … Ibuprofen.

The stress of work-life has you off balance.

Maybe you adjust your vitamin regimen or take a Prozac.

Antacids or a daily purple pill helps reduce your reflux.

Are you a druggie?

In recent weeks … I’ve become … nearly … drug-free … and I’m feeling better.

I want you to consider what a similar change might do for you.  I’m no doctor, but I’ve learned most doctors don’t pay much attention to the individual.  You need to look out for yourself.

Do you remember the slogan … Better Living Through Chemistry?

That is a variation on an advertising slogan for Dupont

… the company that brought us many types of plastic and a wide range of industrial chemicals.

Pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry seem to fully embrace the idea now.

I have stopped taking all prescription medications except a low-dose pill for blood pressure … and if I can do so without causing my doctor to experience heart failure, I’ll stop taking that too.

I quit taking pain medication.
Now I have fewer aches & pains.

Aches & pains associated with over-enthusiastic exercise, demanding weekend home projects, work injuries, childhood injuries, a fall from the roof of a 2-story house, knee surgery, fatigue, and stress have led to a variety of attempts to alleviate the pain.  I had reached a point where I was taking a daily meloxicam tablet rather than a handful of ibuprofen.  When I started taking meloxicam it seemed to do wonders.

If you are taking NSAIDs … or considering it … do some research, visit WebMD and other online resources … read … and understand … NSAIDs can have some serious side effects … and they don’t mix well with many other medications.  They can be seriously dangerous when taken along with steroids … and it seems not all doctors know this.

I quit taking purple pills.
Now I have less indigestion and no nausea or acid reflux.

At some point in recent years, I experienced an extended period of indigestion, reflux, and nausea.  The purple pill was prescribed, and when generic Prilosec (omeprazole) became available, I continued with the OTC versions.  When that initial bout abated, I cut back from daily use to “as needed” but it seemed I still needed it quite a bit.

When I decided to cut down on meds, I began taking a probiotic (Align).
Wow … what an improvement!

I quit the testosterone replacement therapy.
Now I have more energy, better attitude, and less concern about chest pains.

Low-T is the latest big hype among pharmaceutical companies.  My doctor decided my T was too low and I should try one of the new gels.  I tried three but with no noticeable positive impact.  So, my doctor had me begin Testosterone injections.  The first three injections resulted in noticeable changes and some questionable (even serious) side effects, but my doctor wasn’t convinced there was a connection.

When I went for the fourth injection, the nurse showed me a contaminant in the bottle from which the first three shots had been taken.  So, I got a new vial from the pharmacy.  The next injection seemed to have no affect; a few weeks later, the second injection seemed to do nothing, as well.  By then, I had been experiencing for several weeks new chest pains that didn’t feel like muscle aches.  It was at that point I decided to cut out as many prescription and over-the-counter medications as I could.

Another great benefit has been weight loss … nearly 30 pounds!

When I started the T-Replacement Therapy, I soon lost six or seven pounds.
That was encouraging.

In just a few weeks following my decision to stop taking the NSAIDs and omeprazole, my weight loss now totals nearly 30 pounds … without a diet (though I am eating smarter and allowing myself fewer sweets) and only a modest increase in recreational physical activity.

Now I look forward to what will happen when I re-instate a regular fitness routine.

Of course, I should add the standard disclaimer … “Your results may vary.”

But … it could be worth a try … for many reasons!

The benefits of becoming (almost) Drug Free include:

  • Fewer Aches & Pains
  • More Energy
  • No Gastric Distress
  • No Nausea
  • Improved Appetite
  • Weight Loss





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The Rich Stop Contributing


Social Security at $110,000.


How Many More Advantages do the Wealthy Need?

This couple explains the problem clearly and does an admirable job performing as a Rap duo.

My thanks to and Brandon Weber for bringing this to our attention.

Consider signing the SCRAP THE CAP petition at

People My Age

Have Started Looking Gross

We recently attended a great concert by Red Horse … a trio of singer-songwriters  … John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, and Eliza Gilkyson.  Each of them are with the Red House label.  We have several John Gorka CDs and thoroughly enjoy his music.

At the concert, we purchased John’s “The Company You Keep”  CD. On that CD is a song entitled “People My Age.”

You should listen to his story …

The Science of Aging … Simple and in Pictures

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We are programmed to die … but that also has a positive side.

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Happy Birthday Again

Yup, it is my birthday again.  At least it was when I started this article. Since the “story” is about my day, I’ll post it the day after my birthday.

Thanks to all who take a moment to think or send a thought my way today.

I’ve already received thoughts that make me smile from many parts of the world and my life. Thank you.

Birthday Signs

While Walking the Dogs this morning, I considered several potential themes for this Happy Birthday Again blog posting.  It was a friendly greeting from a neighbor that had previously seemed kinda grumpy followed by DaBoyz acting like puppies that caused “Birthday Signs” to rise to the top of the theme list.

What follows are thoughts and images that seem special today.

A special breakfast seemed in order. Waffles are a favorite of mine.

We had made a large batch of waffles this weekend and I saved several to have as breakfast options this week. One of them was special. I won’t go so far as to get excited like the “face of Jesus” types, but I remember thinking as I closed the waffle maker … “that looks like a star.”

So … since our business is named Sirius after the dog star, this seemed to have (minor) significance today.

Having waffles for breakfast got me thinking about Mom.

Actually, we have been thinking about her a lot lately.

My mother will be 90 in February. She’s been feeling her age more lately. She rallied for Thanksgiving Day, but she was too tired on Friday to attend another family gathering.

Patricia JacobsonShe can look pretty sharp and act much younger than her years, but when her blood Mom's Life in the Valley article November 2011chemistry gets out of synch she really feels it. Today my sisters took her to the ER where they are pumping fluids into her system, so we hope she will be feeling spritely, soon.

Wondering about her condition also reminded me that I should check out her latest published article.

To read her latest article click the image of the article or go to the Iowa Living website.

Cats have recently become a special interest in our home.

Years ago, I lived with cats.  Then I spent a decade or more without them in my life.  When I linked up with Lin, she said “we are a package deal” since she will always have dogs in her life. Since she has always had an allergy to cats, I am the designated cat petter.

For the last few years we have watched a feral cat survive seasonal extremes and the hazards of “being on your own” living in a big city.  She is currently living with the one surviving kitten from last year’s litter and it appears she is preparing to be a mother again.

Winter is likely to be as harsh as the previous long, cold, snowy winter and the poor kitten is likely to be pushed away when the new kittens arrive. So, after watching them appear to be eating seed that had fallen from our bird feeders, we have provided them a few meals.

We are fully aware that we may be creating our own monsters but can’t let the kitten starve or fail to assist the little momma.

DaBoyz are quite ready to great these girls, but the cats are naturally very wary … although we have seen the kitten hide herself on the patio step and consider jumping on the Cooleroo with Patryn. That could be an interesting experience for all.

The cats don’t yet know that our dogs think cats should be their friends. DaBoyz have already befriended some felines. Now, they think all cats should be ready to be their buddies. Instinct tends to get in the way.

Hang In There

This sculpture is something Lin & I found in a special shop in Kansas City when we were dating.  The artist had created several versions of these creatures.  Essentially … they are turds. You know … Shit Happens.

This guy suggests we should hang on tight when things are going badly. I wonder if the artist had any notion in the early 80’s that things could become so bad in the future. This little shit is trying to Hang In There.

This figure, Rock & A Hard Spot, hangs over the entrance to our home office. I believe it entered our lives at another time a few years back when things had gotten tough.

We appreciate it as a good piece of artwork, and as an excellent representation of a very common human condition.

A Prayer for Beer

The first birthday card I received today was from Lin & DaBoyz. Lin says the dogs strongly encouraged her purchase the card, because they thought it would be so appropriate.

If you appreciate a good lager, ale, porter, or stout, you will appreciate this Ode to Lager.


Two Brews

During the Thanksgiving holiday I had the good fortune to spend a few days with a friend who has been helping his neighbor with some home brewing projects.

We sampled several during the visit. As we were departing for Chicago he added a few to the thing we needed to pack. In the beer bottle picture you can see a dark “Simco” and a “Liberty” lager. that became part of my birthday celebration.

Both … very tasty. Thanks, Wally. Tell Mike to Keep up the good work.

Birthday Dinner

We ended the day sharing dinner with friends at a great restaurant called Coopers Hawk. Birthday Dessert at Coopers Hawk

Good people, great food, excellent wine & beer. At the end of the meal, Coopers Hawk presented us with a very nice dessert surprise, which included a chocolate treat and a juicy strawberry dipped in white chocolate with raspberries, whipped cream and strawberry sauce on the side.

So … those were some of my Birthday Signs and significant events.

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