This blog could have had a variety of names:

Boomer Review
Boomer Evolution
Boomer Revolution
Boomer Revitalization
Boomer Bust

If you have a concern … a story … a situation … that falls in any of these categories, this is a special place for you. Welcome!

Boomer Review would like to contribute to your efforts to make the most of the life you lead and the things you have learned.

This is a forum for sharing what we have learned … and learning from others … whether the source is another Boomer, someone from our parents generation, or Millennials (aka EchoBoomers), or those that follow them.

  • Has your life progressed as you expected?
  • Has it been necessary to make significant changes because of personal or world events?
  • Did you trudge along one path, then choose an alternate route that improved your situation?
  • Have things gone into the crapper, and you feel you are still there?
  • Do you have advice for others?

Share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Brian Jacobson

Editorial Policy Guidelines & Tips

  • Stories … the heart of this blog … help convey an idea … or send a message
  • Humor engages a reader
  • Facts Need Not Ruin a Good Story
  • Fictionalized Facts Protect the Innocent and Sensitive
  • Political Correctness is Appreciated

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5 Responses to “About Boomer Review”

  1. Chad Harbour Says:

    Hope you will follow on Twitter @EnduringLifecom Wish to connect with all things genealogy, scrapbooking, memoir writing.

    Would like your opinion – launching so all can write their life story, share, collaborate w/ others, & print as book. Would those you know be interested in this type of website?

    Also launching a website where all can write about their spiritual journey & share, collaborate w/ others & print as book when finished.

    Your thoughts?

    My current website:

  2. Brittany Says:

    My name is Brittany and I am a publicist contacting you on behalf of a man I feel you may be interested in connecting with.

    True Stories from a Baby Boomer shares Stephen B. Satterwhite’s vivacious account of his remarkable life journey to fulfillment. From the Beatles to Vietnam, the easy-to-read, short chapters are filled with stories about love, money, addiction, war and faith. Readers will laugh and cry their way through the baby boomer era to find that life is more than a profession and there’s hope beyond our human condition.

    It is an inspiring tale told from the point of view of a baby boomer’s first hand experience with a variety of moral, ethical, and societal challenges. Drawn from the author’s personal journey, these easy-to-read short stories follow one baby boomer as he searches for his identity. The book touches on the historical baby boomer era and the universality of the human condition. The book also explores secondary themes of love, hope, vocation, addiction, prejudice, fame and spirituality while offering an immortalizing look at the baby boomer generation.

    Satterwhite is an enthusiastic, passionate, charismatic interview. He is an intelligent, experienced businessman. He is a tender, humble husband, father and grandfather. And as if that isn’t enough, he is a children’s school bus driver.

    His story is moving. His journey is not online many of his generation. His voice, however, cuts to the core of the human spirit.

    You can read more about Stephen, his story and his book here:

    I’d be happy to send you a review copy of True Stories of a Baby Boomer. Additionally, I’m thrilled to help coordinate author interviews or guest blogging opportunities. In all of my time as a publicist, I’ve never worked with an author I think more highly of.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Brittany –

      Sounds interesting. I have begun a review of the web site, and would be happy to review the book.

      The Bohlsen Group looks interesting, as well.

      Sent you a LinkedIn invitation to connect, too.

      Enjoy your weekend,


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