This article I am sharing should have a less divisive Headline,

but the information needs to be shared

and considered … by all.

Labels like Liberal and Conservative don’t help people understand each other.

So, let’s put facts ahead for ideology.

  • High Powered guns don’t belong with the general public
  • People have many different views of Marriage
  • The GOP push to allow rich people to do whatever they want serves greed and destroys the American Dream.
  • It’s strange (yes ironic) the party that calls for small government wants to restrict so many people’s’ rights.
  • We have the right to freedom of religion and to be free of religion.
  • Abortion is an option necessary to proper women’s healthcare.
  • Manufacturing a fiscal crisis is incredibly irresponsible.
  • Cutting taxes doesn’t trickle down to create jobs.

Forward Progressives called it …

The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative