Santa Walking the North Beach Area of Miami

If you saw Santa

While strolling about town

With a drink in his hand

And his eyes cast down

Leaning on his cane

And looking at his feet

Would you ask him for his thoughts,

Or simply be discrete?


Taking in Miami’s sun

With North Beach Flair

Soon off on a sleigh ride run

Racing through the air.

Pondering the path ahead?

Maybe what’s behind?

It might be something special

He knows we’d like to find.


We all want better times ahead

And homes that we can sell.

We’re tired of politicians

Treating us like hell.

When will corporate leadership

Give people some respect?

When will they see employees

As a special asset?


Santa can’t fix it all

More people need to help.

Good things need to happen soon

Or many more will yelp.

Some will come and Occupy

Some will just vote no.

Let’s share a little Christmas joy

Then see which ones must go.


Merry Christmas!

Here is another approach