I met a guy in the park while walking the dogs one Spring morning.

Taking a BreakIn fact, we were enjoying a mid-walk break.  I had the bench.  DaBoyz were comfortable on the grass.

I saw an image walking through the park … backlit by the sun … only a profile  … but most likely a man.

When he came by … he commented about the dogs.

We got a few of the standard questions and some that were “different.”

I asked him where he was headed.

He said he was a bit of a wanderer.  Been in the area a while.  Not his first time.  Didn’t expect to stay forever.  No strong ties to pull him back.

He’d been a lot of places over the years. Sounds like he’d done a lot of things.

Seemed a bit of a character. He gave the impression that we wouldn’t hold himself back from much.

He seemed like an interesting person
… someone I might like to meet again.

#  #  #

We met again, later.