JohnAlaska - John Fleming & Friend
The JohnAlaska Costa Rica Relocation story continues.  We skip ahead in this segment to a special moment for John.
Christmas Conga … in the Moonlight

I arrived in Costa Rica close to midnight.  After driving by my house to make sure it was still standing, I went to Harry’s beach house to let him know I was in town.

Harry was more than pleased to see me.  Then, he told me that his common law wife had given birth to his son. He also said that she had left him and moved back to little town where her mother lived.  He was distraught over the separation, and said he was on his way to Jaco to get something to eat. He asked me to join him.

It only takes about 15 minutes to get to Jaco, and after a quick meal at Los Amigos, we found ourselves at the Beatle bar. Harry had convinced himself that, after the harsh treatment the mother of his son had given him; he deserved a date with one of the working girls at the bar.  I told him that he was on his own.  I was ready to recover from the jet lag resulting from enduring 4 airports and 22 hours of travel … shower … rest.Beatle Bar in Jaco

We sat at a table with 3 beautiful working girls that were interested in making some extra money to enable them to buy Christmas presents for their children. I believe these were weekend workers just looking for extra cash for the holidays. It is important to understand that Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, and the people seem to have no feelings of guilt or shame about prostitution.  Quite the opposite, in some cases a father may be proud to have a daughter that is good looking enough to provide a means of paying the family bills.

A woman in Costa Rica works from quite a different list of values than those we live by in the States.  At the top of the list here is financial security, and the amount of money a man has to offer. Way down the list in spot number 4 or 5 is the desire to have a man that is physically attractive, and even farther down the list is the desire to have a man that will be faithful.

Harry was determined to have a woman that evening to soften the wounds of losing the mother of his child … that … along with the fact that she failed a polygraph he had her take in regard to being faithful to him.

I was tired and smelled bad, from my full day of traveling, and was anxious to shower and come back to life.  The three ladies at our table were not thrilled about the fact that Harry insisted they take the 15 minute drive to another town for the sexual encounter, and it was really a hard sell. That all changed when we left the bar and they realized that the bright canary yellow Hummer parked right outside the door was our means of transportation.


I did not want to lead these ladies into thinking I was in the market for a night … or should I say an hour … of lovemaking.  I was upfront about the fact that I was weary from travel, and I was not buying what they had to offer.


The three of them had driven down from San Jose just for the evening, and insisted that they stay together as a group. When we reached the beach house, they were more than impressed with the mansion on the beach with the huge terrace.  Harry made some quick drinks with the blender, and I headed for a much needed shower.

When I returned to the large terrace wearing just a towel from my shower downstairs, and realizing my suitcase and change of clothes were still upstairs, I found the other two ladies were sitting in lounge chairs listening to Local Costa Rican music called “CUMBIA”, a kind of Latino, zydeco music.

A full moon completely lit up the terrace.  The situation was idyllic with the addition of the crashing waves on the beach below and the reflection of the moon over the ocean. Though totally impressed with the beach house, the two ladies were not happy about the fact that they did not have a paying customer in this gringo from Alaska. They gave me a hard-sell pitch, which I dodged with excuses of being weary from my trip.

 The ladies were so beautiful, and the moon was so bright, that I seriously contemplated becoming a customer.  I felt like an idiot for being such a prude, and not being able to contributing to their funds for their children’s Christmas presents. My Spanish was so weak that I could not even make small talk conversation with these two ladies. Finally, I had an epiphany, something about seizing the moment, yet keeping my dignity at the same time.

All I Want for Christmas … is …

A Conga … in the Moonlight


I handed each one of the ladies a fifty dollar bill, managed to communicate in poor Spanish that all I wanted was to dance a conga line, nude in the moonlight. They were more than happy to shed what little clothes they were wearing, and join me in a Conga line dance around the terrace.

We danced one song, laughed and finished our drinks.

For me it was a dance of a lifetime, something I will never forget.

For the ladies it was easy money, and I am sure they still talk about the whitest ass they have ever seen in their lives.