It was about 6 months later when I arrived in Costa Rica as a homeowner.

I was so excited to start cleaning up the house, and I had traveled with mosquito netting and paint brushes in hand. I rented a small economy car, and stuffed my 2 each 50 pound suitcases into the tiny cheap rental car, and drove the 2 hours from San Jose to Playa Azul.

My Property Looked Like a Jungle

My Property Looked Like a Jungle

I arrived about midnight, and parked on the street in front of the house. In just 6 months the grass/weeds had grown as tall as my head! I had to stomp a path up to the door, which was barely hanging on the frame by one hinge. This house was a shack when I purchased it, but in just 6 months the jungle made it difficult to see from the road.

Frank Sinatra "NY NY"

Frank Sinatra "NY NY"

I kicked open the door, and little shadows were running, slithering, and hopping across the walls, floor and ceiling! Now I have done a lot of camping, and I have slept in some uncomfortable places, but this was just too much even for me. I stood in the dark doorway with a headband flashlight listening to the sound of all the animals at night, and trying to figure out how I was going to sleep in such a small rental car, when I heard Frank Sinatra singing in the distance.

At the end of the street is a saloon/bar. On my entrance to the bar there was a gringo, shaved bald head, with an earring, and a barbwire tattoo around his bicep. Rick was singing Karaoke with a couple Ticos sitting at the bar, and he was really good. I introduced myself as the gringo that had purchased the house down the street, and he said lets’ go take a look.



Pulling up to the entrance of my new house, I jumped out and started stomping through the weeds to get to the front door. Rick yelled at me to stop, and told me I was an idiot for walking through a snake infested area, and took me back to the bar where he showed me some run down rooms that he planned to fix up as a motel. He handed me a key to one of the rooms and said I should sleep there, and wait for morning to start my project.

I laid down on an old mattress and stared at the ceiling illuminated by a dying fluorescent bulb and watched a black spot about the size of my hand crawl out from behind the fixture. I drifted off to sleep thinking to myself, “is that a bat…is that a spider…oh please let it be a bat.

JohnAlaska Returns To His Costa Rica GetAway

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