Learning about Property Laws

Beach for Sale

Beach for Sale

Our salesman gave us the rundown regarding the fact that the maritime property laws stipulated that the first 50 meters was the beach, public property, and could not be improved on at the present time because of the zoning laws. The next 150 meters was declared as concessionable property, and also could not be improved on at the present time, but in the future it may be re-zoned. The price was $42K, and it was on the beach!

We talked about the fact that these properties could be improved as long as you were just fixing up an existing structure of the building. The ability to renovate an existing property offers a lot of poetic license to what is actually part of the existing structure. Our sales guy said that as long as we were inconspicuous about the improvements and did not attract too much attention, we would be able clean up this little shack quite a bit.

We spent the next 30 minutes taking about how cool it would be to add a second floor, and improve the ocean view with a big lanai, and what type of drinks we should make for our friends when they come to visit.

Mark Wants in Too

On the way back to the hotel in Jaco, My friend Mark leaned up from the back seat and with a big grin said “COME ON JOHN…LET ME IN…LETS BUY IT TOGETHER!?”.

Quite obviously he had been bitten by the tropical real estate dream, and I consented.

I pulled out my checkbook and said, “Ok…how do we do this? I want to buy this property.”

The sales guy said a check does not work.  We will need to do a wire transfer from your bank in Alaska. Mark and I spent the night toasting to our new beachfront property, and drove back a dozen times in a rental car to daydream about the improvements and take additional pictures of the shack on the beach.

The next day we returned to Alaska.

JohnAlaska’s Quest for Paradise Continues …

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