Jaco Map

Jaco Map

Dreaming about Costa Rica

I spent 6 months daydreaming of re-creating what I had seen with the Alaskan gal from Dominical, but farther north near a town named Jaco.

Jaco is a larger town, and provided another beautiful beach, along with a thriving nightlife, not to mention many gringos that gave me people to actually speak English with. My Spanish is getting better, but still needs a lot of improvement.

Searching for Property

I started requesting information from a young guy that had moved to Costa Rica from Canada 6 months earlier, and was selling real estate. I received pictures of small homes with an incredibly small price tag, and made arrangements to look at some properties.

Jaco Beach

Would You Like to be on Jaco Beach?

I had my best friend tag along for company, and we met up with the real estate salesman the first morning in Jaco.

I told my friend Mark that I was on a mission to find property, and I was not in Costa Rica to just vacation. He was welcome to tag along, as long as he understood that my mission was to find the right property that would allow me to escape the need to work until my dying day.

One property was literally on the beach, and was basically a one room square house of concrete blocks with small half walls to separate a bedroom and bath from the living room. Nothing fancy for sure…but it was on the beach!

JohnAlaska Continues His Search for Paradise