Back To Square One

We arrived back in Alaska around midnight. The return trip takes close to 20 hours with airport time added to the travel itinerary.  At 8:00 the following morning my friend Mark was at my doorstep with plans in his hand that he had printed from the internet.  The plans were for the construction of a fancy house that offered 3 floors, a garage, and resembled a New England Lighthouse.

Alaska Sailing

Living Well

Mark is an entrepreneur of the highest degree; he lives in a 2 million dollar house high on a hill in Alaska.  He spends his weekends fishing from his $150,000 boat complete with electric reels and powered davits to pull up the shrimp pots. This modest fishing boat is also equipped with theatre screens and surround-sound. Mark sat patiently in the back seat, while I dominated the questioning at each of the dozen or so properties that we saw.

We Have Different Expectations … And Budgets

I was thinking curtains and a new coat of paint, and that was really all my budget would allow at the moment, even with Mark splitting the $42K price tag. Two days later I received an email from my sales guy with the deflating news that, “for $42K, we would own the house, but not the land it is sitting on.” Then he said something about “too close” to the ocean, even for a concession, which is a merely a “right to use” document, similar to a renewable lease.

Basic Tico Home

Has Potential

This was a 20 foot by 20 foot square of old cinder blocks that needed paint, and a new tin roof.  I told the guy I just could not purchase a property that did not include the land.

The Bubble Has Burst

I was really disappointed, and when I informed my friend Mark that the deal had fallen through, and I planned on flying back down to look at another property, he said he was already planning on a trip with his wife to Hawaii, and I had to go back alone. He said he would only be interested in beach property, and I told him that if I was going back by myself, I might find a property that I would purchase without him. I was back to my original plan, and happy to be looking with my budget in mind, and not his.

The JohnAlaska Quest Takes a Hit

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