6o Year Old ManGramdpa

That phrase struck me a few weeks ago when I was listening to a news report.

I was busy with some project, but heard the news person describe something a person had done and concluded by saying something like, “John Doe, a 60-year-old man.”

Immediately, the image in my head was of someone that looked like my grandfather.

Then, it occured to me that I was 60 on my last birthday.  Yet, I am a much younger version of that image in my head. Right?

This morning, I had walked our Deerhounds 3 miles, after checking my email and updating some social media information.  Then, I did a 10-mile bike ride with my wife.  By 9 AM I was back online and deep into my email campaign using Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Jigsaw.

So, how important are numbers when considering one’s age? 

Isn’t 60 the new 40?

I follow a person on  Twitter with the ID @60goingon40 and another that goes by @HotPeople Over50.  Then, there are numerous resources for active travel and extreme recreation. 

How old do you feel? 
How does that number compare
to what your drivers license says?

MeA few weeks ago I attended a gathering of hometown classmates.  Most of them I have not seen for more than 20 years … some almost 40 years.  Everyone had gotten older, but it seemed some aged less than others.

I wonder how each of them saw themselves … and the rest of us.

As I was doing final edit on this post, I saw a @ThirdAge post aimed at this topic.

Here is a link to that Third Age article regarding Views on Aging

I would like to hear and share
personal stories
from other Boomers
about their views on age.

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