John’s Search Becomes a Quest …
Cost of Living Concern

I realized 10 years ago that the cost of living was going to eventually catch up with me, and I started looking for a tropical location to “escape to.” Being single with no children meant that if I failed to find the correct place, I was the only one to suffer the consequences.

Checking the Tropical Escape Route

Caribbean Search

I looked at every island in the Caribbean, mostly from the comfort of a cruise ship, with 8 hours of onshore exploring before embarking to the next island. I paddled down the Monkey River in Belize, and thought I found the proper secluded tropical paradise, only to wake up to the realization that the property I was interested in was actually under water for 6 months of every year.

I found Mexico too un-predictable and the amount of litter in Mexico endless. Guatemala was stricken with poverty to a level that could not be avoided, and the sight of what looked to me to be 13-year-old soldiers with automatic rifles slung on their shoulders, well…a bit un-nerving.

Pura Vida

Costa Rica is Pura Vida

Costa Rica

I went to Costa Rica with a girlfriend that had a friend from Alaska living in Dominical, Costa Rica. After visiting with this Alaskan gal who had moved to Costa Rica, and hearing what she had to say about the minimal cost of living in what seemed like paradise, I was hooked. I did a few searches on the internet, and was swamped with information on fancy gated communities full of like minded Americans searching for tropical nirvana.