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John's Alaska Home & Mid-Life Crisis Wheels

John's Alaska Home & Mid-Life Crisis Wheels

I have lived in Alaska since the spring of 1982. I own a small computer business that has allowed me to live a comfortable life. However, I realized that my life will be comfortable only as long as I continue to work until I die.

As a business owner for the last ten years, I’ve seen the writing was on the wall regarding retirement. I have a small 401k/IRA.  I figure that the waiting list for a job as a greeter for Wal-Mart will probably be a mile long by the time I need to leave my business.

Alaska has been a beautiful place to live. I have really enjoyed the people, and the ability to play golf at midnight during the summer months … both of them. The fishing is good, and I have enjoyed cruising on my small sailboat in Prince William Sound.

We Rock ‘em in Kotzebue
Key Grip ... the Band

Key Grip Performance

I have also traveled around the State of Alaska with my special occasion classic Rock and Roll band. We even played above the Arctic Circle in a town named Kotzebue. We played 3 times in one year in Kotzebue.

Yes…We were BIG in Kotzebue, I could have been Mick Jagger from the Stones, and not gotten more attention there. Kotzebue typically only gets one band per year in Kotzebue…I was not in denial of my musical talent.  We rocked ‘em in Kotzebue.

Editor’s Note 

John’s pictures of his home and the Key Grip band are from his Facebook photo albums.

Kotzebue, Alaska

Kotzebue, Alaska

We want to acknowledge Wikipedia for the map of Alaska showing where Kotzebue is located.   For more information about Kotzebue you might visit these sites:



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