Dear GenY –

Tina Paparone, energetic entrepreneur and author of Dear Baby Boomers, has written about our conversation and reactions to her letter.

We wish her well in her BeMe business.  Tina and her sister Angela Giovine create and sell gifts for girls.  They believe girls should embrace their individuality. 

Embracing our own unique personalities has played an important part in shaping our lives. Such support has paved the way for us to tackle the uphill battle of starting BeMe. For the past year, we have worked every spare second to bring our BeMe vision to you.
Let's Do Something Good for Girls.

Let's Do Something Good for Girls.

I didn’t realize, until I read a more recent blog, that Tina and her sister are very fresh in this new business.

Looks like they are starting out with a rather productive flurry of activity that should gain them some helpful publicity.

It is clear they are pursuing a passion.

My attention has been focused on building a business, too. 

My wife is my partner.  Our work experience and skills will be very compatible, and the field is one we both know well.  We can be confident and passionate about our direction and our plan.  In forming our business plan, we talked of “Doing Good, While Doing Well” as a shared objective.  

The name of our new business refers to Sirius, the Dog Star, and we are using my photo of one of our Deerhounds in the logo.  You might conclude that we have special interest in dogs.  You would be correct.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Last week I had a brainstorm while walking the dogs … we are forming a group to support organizations that encourage responsible relationships between dogs, humans, and other creature companions.

Then, I was led by a Tweet to the website of an organization that helps girls in Third World countries gain stature thru education, financial aid, support of human rights.

I called Tina to share my thoughts on how this might fit the BeMe vision.  We talked.  She and her sister had recently talked about a similar idea. 

We found one more thing where GenY and Boomers often think alike.

In the Sixties many of the Boomer Generation advocated doing good while doing well.   Wealth was not the motivating force.  Many Boomers are returning to or expanding the ways they can contribute to improvements in life and the world.

Tina says “Many millennials are placing greater importance on quality of life than monetary success alone …  we prefer to be passionate about our jobs and are willing to make financial sacrifices to get there.”

Passion … and a Desire to Improve the World … All Generations Can Participate.